The Chronicle-Express web page now contains a feature that allows us to poll readers on topics of local interest. Share your opinion on the 4 percent occupancy tax in our first poll.

Last November, Yates County Legislators adopted a local law to enact a 4 percent occupancy tax that became effective in January 2008. Lawmakers say the intent of the tax is to raise funds to help pay for tourism promotion that is done by the Yates County Chamber of Commerce, Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance and Finger Lakes Wine Country Tourism Marketing.

In the past, tourism promotion was funded by property taxes and other sales tax revenues, in much the same way other county programs are funded.

The law has been upheld in court following a challenge by some lodging businesses. Opposition to the tax continues and the Yates County Chamber of Commerce is seeking a year-end report on the outcome of the first year of collecting the tax.

What's your opinion?

What revisions should be made to the 4 percent Yates County occupancy tax law?
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The poll closes at 9 a.m. Oct. 2.