Milo Town Board news

 The Milo Town Board voted at the Sept. 22 meeting to increase property tax exemption levels for senior citizens and veterans in keeping with the county’s September adoption.  Each taxing entity in the county has to adopt their own exemption if they so chose.  All members voted in favor. Councilman Carroll Graves was absent.

Each exemption was approved separately.  Supervisor John Socha said he understands the impact is very minimal on the overall tax base.  Councilman Earle Gleason, who is also Veteran’s Service Director, said the number of veteran’s exemptions will not change, just the level.
In other business:

• REPORT:  Engineer Wayne Ackart told the members he is still monitoring the sewer system concerns.  He says there was a five hour power outage during the recent wind storm, but no harm was done to the grinder pumps.  There were brief phase failures at other times, which the system can detect within five seconds of occurrence. 

• HIMROD WATER:  Ackart said Larsen Engineers have finished the report on the Himrod water project. Larsen is waiting to hear back from the NYS Department of Health for comments and specifics.  When this is approved, Milo can put out bids.
Two types of plant pumps are now being site tested and monitored daily. 

• HIGHWAY:  Superintendent Philip Strong told the board the new mower has been ordered.  He also asked if the old mower could be kept and used for ditches and sweeping. 
Strong reported that the state highway department had given the town 500 tons of sand, because they no longer use it.

In a discussion about rising costs, Strong told the members surface treating now costs $14,000 a mile, an increase from $10,000 four years ago.

•APPOINTMENT:  Robert Schwarting was appointed to the Milo Planning Board.  Gleason abstained from voting.

•COMPREHENSIVE PLAN:  Councilman Dale Hallings said he would be going to the Penn Yan Village Board meeting the next night to go over information gathered from the Milo survey which included village residents.

• FURNACE LAW:  Members voted to declare Milo as lead agency for a SEQRA on a furnace law.   The law will be sent to the county and town planning boards for review.

• YOUTH:  A waiver was given for the county appropriation of Youth Bureau funds for the town.  Since Milo does not have a recreation program, it was voted to give their share to Dundee (30 percent) and to Penn Yan (70 percent)for their programs.

• REAL PROPERTY:  The Supervisor was authorized to sign the Real Property Aid Application in order to receive state funds.

• PAYMENT:  The board set $600 as the limit to pay for replacing a resident’s tree, which was allegedly damaged during work on a grinder pump problem.