A lot of Yates County residents, who use the Casella drop-off site on the Himrod Road will have to make alternate plans for their trash and recycling.  Casella notified Yates County on Sept. 22 that they will close the site for the winter on Oct. 16.


Yates County Legislative Chairman Taylor Fitch said Casella had tried to shorten the time the site was open a few years ago, but the legislature convinced them to remain open.  “They are not treating the customers properly.  This will cause a lot of inconvenience,” Fitch said.


Casella owns the property just south of the Village of Penn Yan and holds the permit.


It is estimated that as many as 200 vehicles use the drop-off on Saturdays.  Residents and contractors make Saturday morning “runs” to dispose of their own trash to save on regular trash collection fees. Those with the ability to transport can get rid of larger unwanted items.


Several companies provide trash and recycling pick-up in the county, but Joe Gibson of Cardinal disposal owns the only other drop-off sites.  The Shannon Corners site is open 8-5 Monday-Friday and 8-12 on Saturday.  Drop-offs can be made at the Dundee Glenora and the Potter Town barn sites 8-12 on Saturday.
Gibson says he will be very glad to take the local business and help fill the gap.  Right now, customers may need to travel farther to dispose of their trash. Gibson is looking into possible drop-off sites in the Penn Yan area, but said permits take time.


“We are a small niche company, but and this is an opportunity for us,” said Gibson.


Cardinal started the Shannon Corners drop-off site in Dec. 2003.  Gibson says there is lots of room for people to turn around in the parking lot so they can handle a traffic increase.  In addition to trash and recycling they take large items like furniture, appliances and basically anything household.  Gibson says there is no charge for recycling and no axle fee.  
Residents will need to start thinking now what to do with their trash.