Collision Course: Wine and Temperance in New York's Finger Lakes
7 p.m. Dec. 12
Yates Co. Office Buildling Auditorium

The Finger Lakes Museum will present a special showing of "Collision Course: Wine and Temperance in New York's Finger Lakes", to Keuka community residents at the Yates County office building auditorium on Wednesday, Dec. 12. The program, which will start at 7 p.m., is Part One of the museum's "Vine to Wine" series—the first documentary film ever produced on the history of grape-growing and winemaking in the Finger Lakes Region.

Listen to the stories of early colonists and see the hardships that pioneer grape growers faced in their efforts to establish the nation's first vineyards. Witness their failure to tame the wild grapes that initially spelled doom for any kind of wine industry in the New World. And then see how a social movement later devastated that industry once it finally became established.

The first of this two-part video series, filled with antique photos, panoramic landscapes, and a period-authentic soundtrack, is free and open to the public—but donations will be welcome. Part Two of the series is currently in production. Next year, both segments will be combined into a single PBS documentary television program.