Kamryn Moravec, daughter of Dave and Kim Moravec, was named the Distinguished Youth by the Yates County Youth Board for the third quarter of 2016. Kamryn was nominated by Jannine Phillips, Program Coordinator of Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes. The award was presented at the Nov. 14 Yates County Legislature meeting.

Kamryn, a junior at Penn Yan Academy, was nominated for her outstanding role in the community. In 2015,

Kamryn approached Safe Harbors about organizing a fundraiser for the agency. Her goal was to help bring some community awareness to sexual assault. Her intention was to hold this event in April during sexual assault awareness month. She single-handedly organized the two-day event at the Seneca Lake Duck Hunters Club. She asked local businesses for donations, made posters, t-shirts, and even a commercial. The event, “Aim for a Cause,” held April 8, 2015, included a silent auction, fish fry, and archery shoot. Kamryn’s work and dedication brought in a donation of $6,500 to Safe Harbors, the largest donation ever given to the agency by an outside entity. Her event also spread awareness of the topic of sexual assault.

A staff member of Safe Harbors wrote “It is hard to say how many hours Kamryn dedicated to this project, but it was very clear at the event that a lot of hard work and dedication was put into it. It was almost unbelievable to think that a teenager organized the whole thing. It should also be mentioned that Kamryn did not do this for school. She did not receive any credits or grade for this. She was just looking to make an impact, and I believe that she truly did.”

The theme that repeated in all of the letters of recommendation is that Kamryn is an inspiring, dedicated role model for our community, said Youth Bureau Director Alicia Avellaneda, who said, “She helped to lift the spirits of the Safe Harbors staff and reminded them why they do the important work they do each day. Kamryn is the type of person that the Youth Board looks for in a Distinguished Youth. We look forward to hearing about all that she accomplishes as she moves into adulthood.”

The Distinguished Youth Award was created by the Youth Bureau in 2011.