UPDATE: The presentation of historic documents planned for 11 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22 at the Yates History Center has been postponed in consideration of the funeral of Mike Linehan, the recently deceased CEO of the Yates County Chamber of Commerce.

Yates County Farm Bureau and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Yates County announce that they will be donating a collection of bound Farm Bureau newspaper articles to the Yates County History Center. More than one dozen bound volumes of the Farm Bureau articles (titled Yates County Farm Bureau and 4-H Club News) date from the early 1900s to the early 1980s, and were found in the CCE-Yates County office this past summer. In reviewing the volumes, Larry Lewis (current President of the Yates County Farm Bureau) found one from 1917, making the range of history 100 years old.

Each volume houses remarkable information about 20th-century agriculture, with information about era-specific farming trends, and local news stories surrounding Cooperative Extension.

This collection marks the first time YCFB and CCE have collaborated with the Yates County History Center to make this donation happen.

Skip Jensen (YCFB Field Advisor and retired CCE Board President) is especially thrilled by the discovery of the articles. “It’s exciting that we found these articles which are a piece of preserved history from both CCE and the Farm Bureau. As you read through these, you will see that the issues happening 40, 50 years ago are similar to what’s happening now. You can really learn a lot from these.”

“4-H has a strong, rich history in Yates County. From its early days, as a club under the Farm Bureau, youth have been provided opportunities for learning agriculture, business management,leadership, and public presentations” says Arlene Wilson, CCE-Yates County Executive Director.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Yates County (CCE of YATES) functions as part of a larger state and national land-grant system that extends research-based information to local residents, families and the agricultural community. CCE is an integrated network including campus-based faculty and extension associates, regionally deployed specialists, and local county-based educators. As a result, CCE of YATES has access to current research findings from across the country and the world which it puts into practice by providing high-value educational programs and university-backed resources.

For details, contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension Office at 315-536- 5123