Voters in Penn Yan, Dundee, and Marcus Whitman Central Schools have approved all three school budget plans and additional propositions to purchase transportation vehicles and allocate funds to local libraries. In Dundee, voters approved a change to the district's transportation policy. 

Penn Yan:

School Budget: Passed, 595 yes, 113 no

Transportation Vehicles: Passed, 582 yes, 125 no

Capital Reserve: Passed 590 yes, 114 no

Branchport Library: Passed, 569 yes, 136 no

Board of Education Election (vote for 3): Nancy Scher, 568; David Willson, 561; Robin Johnson, 553


School Budget: Passed, 238 yes, 65 no

Transportation Vehicle Purchase: Passed 248 yes, 59 no

Transportation: Passed 234 yes; 72 no

Board of Education Election (vote for 4) Jared Webster, 245; Kevin Crofoot, 220; Robert Neu, 209; Andy Simmons, 177.

Marcus Whitman

School Budget: Passed, 415 yes, 83 no

Bus Purchase: Passed, 417 yes, 79 no

Library funding: Passed, 417 yes, 78 no