The suspects in the murder of a Penfield father were in court May 18 (Video by WHEC10 News).

Craig Rideout was found dead in Yates County last July 20. Investigators say his killer strangled him and poured acid on his face.

Two of Rideout's sons - Alex and Colin, along with his estranged wife, Laura, and her boyfriend, Paul Tucci, all face murder charges. Investigators say they tried to cover up the crime by hiding evidence at Mendon Ponds Park and by cleaning up a scene at Craig Rideout's apartment.

The purpose of the hearing Thursday was to determine whether statements made by some of the suspects can be used in their trial and whether all four of them will be tried together or separately.

The Rideouts and Paul Tucci arrived at court together along with their individual attorneys. For most of the day, they sat listening as different investigators testified about their interactions and conversations with the family members both before Craig Rideout's body was found and after.

Investigators revealed that the last ping on Craig Rideout's cell phone was in Yates County when his body was discovered. Investigators there found a cell phone ringing in his pocket. The emergency contact on that phone was Craig Rideout's sister, the same woman who had initially reported him missing.

The lawyers also spent several hours questioning the deputies who first responded to Mendon Ponds Park, where Colin and Alex were allegedly caught trying to dispose of evidence from the crime scene. In court papers, according to deputies, Colin Rideout told investigators that he had helped his mother clean up blood in his father's basement. Colin also told investigators that he had been told by his mother to dispose of the garbage bags.

The hearing continues Friday morning then the judge will decide whether statements these suspects made will be able to be used in the case against them and whether all four will be tried together or separately.

The trial is expected to start June 20.