Andrew David Hullings, 23, of Penn Yan, passed away Tuesday, April 25, 2017. He was born in Canandaigua April 28, 1993 to Steven W. and Tammy J. (Jones) Hullings.

Andrew graduated from Prattsburgh Central School and went on to pursue his passion of art through tattooing, painting, and music. He was a very creative and loving soul, and touched several people in all of his circles of influence. Most people knew him through his music, tattoos, art, and sports, but he was also a tenderhearted son, committed brother, doting father, and loyal friend.

Andrew is survived by his daughter, Iris Rebecca (Lewis), whom he loved and cherished with all of his heart and life; his parents, Steve and Tammy; his siblings, Katy, Steven, Vanessa, and Noah; his nephews, Gabriel and Kreed; his niece, Alaina; his grandparents, Ron and Joan Jones; and several aunts, uncles, and cousins.