An earlier version of this article reported that James Smith has filed a petition to challenge Incumbent Torrey Supervisor Patrick Flynn. Smith says he has not filed a petition. "I wish to set the record straight and state that I have not filed a petition for Supervisor. Pat Flynn has my whole-hearted support in his re-election bid as Torrey Town Supervisor and I am focused on my re-election campaign as Yates County Legislator, District 2, where I represent the people of the Towns of Benton, Potter, and Torrey," wrote Smith in a letter that will be published Aug. 2.

Several hopefuls, including nine Democrats, have filed petitions for county and town positions that will be elected in Yates County this November.

A statement released by the Yates County Democratic Committee last week says, “Discussions are enhanced when varied points of view are taken into consideration before decisions are made. With that in mind, we are proud to announce that there will be Democrats running for town or county offices in Barrington, Benton, Italy, Jerusalem, Middlesex, Milo, and Torrey this November.”

There will be Republican Primaries in the races for district attorney, Districts 1, 2, and 3 of the county legislature, and Torrey town supervisor.

In two cases, only one candidate has filed petitions for a position with two seats — Barrington and Middlesex Town Councils. In Barrington, incumbent Bruce Castner has not filed a party petition, and in Middlesex two incumbents — Peter Gerbic and Allan Button have not filed petitions.

A rundown of those who have submitted Party designation petitions follows. Potential candidates are seeking signatures on Independent petitions now.

Yates County Treasurer: Incumbent Winona Flynn (Rep.)

Yates County District Attorney: Incumbent Valerie Gardner (Rep., Cons., Women’s Equality) and Todd Casella, (Rep., Reform, Independence) There will be a Republican Primary.

Coroner: Theron Smith (Rep.)

County Legislature District 1 (4 seats representing Italy, Jerusalem, Middlesex): Incumbents Edward Bronson (Rep., Cons), Elden Morrison (Rep.), Douglas Paddock (Rep., Cons.); Challengers Patrick Killen (Rep.), Timothy Cutler (Rep.), Barbara Crumb (Dem), Dixon Zorovich (Dem.). There will be a Republican Primary.

County Legislature District 2 (3 seats representing Benton, Potter, Torrey): Incumbents Terry Button (Rep.), Timothy Dennis (Rep.), James Smith (Rep.) and Challenger Richard Willson (Rep.). There will be a Republican Primary.

County Legislature District 3 (4 seats representing Milo) Incumbents Leslie Church (Rep.), Daniel Banach (Rep.), Mark Morris (Rep., Cons), P. Earle Gleason (Rep.); Challengers Valerie Brechko (Dem.), Carlene Chilson (Rep., Cons.), Teresa Hoban (Dem.). There will be a Republican Primary.

County Legislature District 4 (3 seats representing Barrington and Starkey): Incumbents William Holgate (Rep.), Bonnie Percy (Rep.), James Multer (Rep.)


Supervisor: John Kuehn (Rep.) and Eileen Farnan (Dem.) Farnan was previously the town supervisor.

Town Clerk/Tax Collector: Incumbent Joy Perry (Rep.)

Town Council (two seats): Incumbent Nathaniel Olney (Rep.)

Town Justice: Incumbent Renee Crofoot (Rep.)

Highway Supervisor: Incumbent Steven Wheeler (Rep.)


Supervisor: Incumbent John Prendergast (Rep.)

Town Council (two seats): Incumbent Glenn Quackenbush (Rep.), Brian Murphy (Dem.), Brian Champlin (Rep.).


Supervisor: Incumbent Margaret Dunn (Rep.)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector: Incumbent Deborah Craig (Rep.)

Town Council (two seats): Incumbents David Ferry (Rep.) and Ruth Craig (Rep.)

Town Justice: Incumbent James Hicks (Rep.)


Supervisor: Incumbent Patrick Killen (Rep.)

Town Council (two seats): Jamie Sisson (Rep.), Raymond Stewart (Rep.)

Town Justice: Incumbent Matthew Davison (Rep). Sharon Pinckney (Dem.).


Supervisor: Incumbent Wayne Dunton (Rep.)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector: Lynnette Miller (Rep.)

Town Council (two seats): James Grant (Rep.)

Highway Superintendent: Todd Conaway (Rep.)


Town Clerk: Incumbent Patricia Christensen (Rep.)

Town Council (two seats): Incumbents James Harris (Rep.) and Gene Spanneut (Rep.), Challenger Mildred Phillips-Espana (Dem.)

Highway Superintendent: Incumbent Lance Yonge (Rep.)


Supervisor: Incumbent Leonard Lisenbee (Rep.)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector Julie Brown (Rep.)

Town Council (two seats): Incumbents Paul Moberg (Rep.) and Brian Bootes (Rep.)

Highway Superintendent: Incumbent Arthur Parsons (Rep.)


Town Council (two seats): Incumbents Alan Giles (Rep.) and William Holgate (Rep.)

Highway Superintendent: Incumbent Louis Seeley (Rep.)


Supervisor: Incumbent Patrick Flynn (Rep.), challenger James Smith (Rep.) There will be a Republican Primary.

Town Clerk/Tax Collector: Incumbent Betty Daggett (Rep.)

Town Council (two seats): Incumbents Colby Petersen (Rep.) and Burge Morris (Rep.) and challenger Grant Downs (Dem.)

Highway Superintendent: Incumbent Timothy Chambers (Rep.)