Clarification: An earlier version of this article stated that Valerie Gardner filed objections to Todd Casella's petitions. The objections were filed by Penelope Marchionda. 

A supporter of Yates County District Attorney Valerie Gardner has filed objections to petitions filed by her challenger Todd Casella, assistant district attorney in Steuben County who is challenging her in the upcoming election. Yates County Board of Elections Commissioners will review the objections and make determinations Wednesday, July 26.

Casella’s campaign has not filed any objections to the petitions Gardner filed. 

The official objections filed by Gardner supporter Penelope Marchionda point to a difference of addresses used by Casella on various documents.

In campaign finance forms filed with the Yates County Board of Elections May 23, Casella reported his address as 87 Shethar St., Hammondsport. Campaign finance documents filed on May 30, and June 22, 2017 list his address as 83 Shethar St., Hammondsport. But on designating petitions that Casella and supporters began circulating June 6, his residence was listed as 115 Pulteney St., the same address that was listed as his residence on voter registration documents dated 2013.

The documents filed by Marchionda assert that all petitions that do not report his address as Shethar Street must be invalidated.

The objections to the address differences apply to all 664 signatures on the Republican Party petitions, the 53 signatures on the Independence Party petitions, all 21 petitions on the Conservative Party petitions and all six signatures on the Reform Party petitions.

In addition, Marchionda objects to other issues with the petitions as follows:

• Republican petitions: failure to enter Notary title as “Notary Public, State of New York, on two pages, invalidating 19 signatures; invalid address, illegible signature, invalid signature, duplicate signatures, invalid dates, and in two cases where the signature was of a registered Democrat.

• Independence Party:  failure to enter Notary title as “Notary Public, State of New York, on four pages, invalidating 46 signatures; invalid signatures and addresses.

• Conservative Party: failure to enter Notary title as “Notary Public, State of New York, on two pages, invalidating 15 signatures; invalid signatures and invalid dates.

• Reform Party: Candidate’s residential address does not conform with candidate’s residential address on petitions; invalid Notary acknowledgement.

Casella commented, “I am confident that the Board of Elections will find that my petitions are valid and that the people of Yates County will have the opportunity to have their voices heard this fall about who that want to be their district attorney in 2018.”

Gardner says Casella received a total of 744 signatures on his petitions while she secured 914 sginatures.