The Yates Suicide Prevention Coalition has continued to develop over the last year and would like the community know what that involved and current and future directions. A steering committee meets regularly in the Yates County Office Building. There are two Project Teams, one for Community Education and Awareness, a second for the development of a Suicide Postvention capacity and a Suicide statistics and data committee. Guests are welcome to the meeting and they encourage any who are willing to become members.

The Coalition has completed an initial strategic planning, developed a Mission, Vision and values for the group, applied for two grants which were received and fund two projects. Current educational efforts have included the annual County Fair, two local Health Fairs, and school open houses. An event at the Yates County Public Library is planned in the future. They will be offering suicide prevention and awareness training, as well as speakers on the topic of suicide. Anyone interested in either opportunity or who would like to become involved in the coalition, should call 315-536-5115 or email

During National Suicide Prevention Week Sept. 10 to 16 the Coalition has adisplay table in the main lobby of the Yates County Office Building highlighting the Coalition efforts, and providing educational materials regarding suicide prevention.