Dundee Central School Superintendent Kelly Houck has held a series of forums where she posed questions to community members to gather information for a strategic plan for the district.

During her opening comments at the final meeting Jan. 29, she told a group of about 15 people at the Our Town Rocks headquarters that the school has become a regional school to visit for its personalized learning program. She said the public will be invited to visit the school March 7 to see the program for themselves, and it will be the subject of an article in an upcoming New York School Board Association magazine.

During the community meetings, she asked people to identify what things they feel the school district is doing well, and what areas the school could improve.

Areas people felt the district is doing well include budgeting, working to increase the availability of high speed internet service in the community, mental health supports in the school, and having alumni who return to work at the school.

Areas people felt the district could improve include providing more education for good digital citizenship, opportunities for trade education, and enrichment programs for advanced students.

When Houck asked community members to tell her what kind of skills they would expect to see in high school graduates, some of the responses were communication skills, critical skills, financial management, understanding cultural diversity, patience, and environmental awareness.

“Enrollment is decreasing, but the needs are increasing,” Houck acknowledged, adding, “If there’s ever a time to think out of the box, it’s now.”

Houck has invited participants in the community forums to attend another meeting where a school vision will be created after reviewing all the thoughts, ideas and comments Houck collected during the forums. That meeting will be held at 4 p.m. Feb. 8 in the Public Meeting room.