Tracy Mitrano, a Yates County resident seeking to be the Democratic Party’s candidate to unseat incumbent Republican Congressman Tom Reed representing New York’s 23rd District, kicked off her ballot petition drive Tuesday morning at the Wagner Restaurant in Penn Yan.

From March 6 to April 3, Mitrano’s campaign team, along with at least five other potential challengers, will be working across all 11 counties of NY 23 to collect the 1,250 signatures needed to get Mitrano on the ballot for the June primary, and to bring her message of economic opportunity to voters across the district.

Mitrano recently received the endorsement of the Working Families Party (WFP) and will also be collecting signatures needed to be listed as the WFP candidate.

In preparation, the Mitrano campaign has organized a network of volunteers across the district to carry out the petitioning, holding multiple training classes for volunteer petitioners.

A nationwide “Turn It Blue” project has been off and running for months, recruiting and promoting liberal and Democratic candidates to resist and fight policies and actions of the Trump administration and Republican majorities in the House, Senate and state government. Key issues center on everything from health care to immigration, energy to the environment.

A Meet the Candidates event will be held May 20 at the Benton Fire Hall. Details about the event will be published when available.