Not all Christmas movies are as holly jolly and family friendly as the rest. In fact, some of the more exciting holiday films tend to trade in all the sleighs and good tidings for some slaying with a horror bent. So, if you've had enough of all the ring-ting-tingling and want to stream some good scares this season (after the children are all nestled in their beds, of course) here are some of the best Christmas horror movies available for at-home audiences right now.

Black Christmas (1974)

A serial killer sneaks into a sorority house during their Christmas party and starts picking 'em off one by one, with lewd phone calls coming in as warning shots before some of the sisters start disappearing. It's like When a Stranger Calls and Scream 2 came together in the best way.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton's now-classic animated pic presents Jack Skellington as he abandons his usual Halloween routine and stumbles into Christmastown, wherein he wants to kidnap Santa Claus so he can hijack a new holiday.

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Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

This Finnish thriller features some researchers who stumble upon Santa Claus' lair, and... well, let's just say it's not the jolly ole' Saint Nick the kids have been singing about.

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Little Gizmo might be as cute as can be, but the rest of the mogwai were definitely on Santa's naughty list after they hatched and proceeded to destroy everything (and everyone) in sight.

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The Germanic folk tale about the titular creature that punishes people who've lost the Christmas spirit gets a grisly spin in this 2015 dark comedy horror.

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This horror anthology pic covers all manner of holidays -- Easter, Mother's Day, you name it -- but the Christmas segment stands out for its Jingle All the Way-meets-Black Mirror techtastic aesthetic.

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Better Watch Out (2017)

This isn't your ordinary babysitting home invasion story. The film starts out on a relatively familiar note before abandoning all tropes and gifting audiences with one shriek surprise after another.

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Christmas Evil

There's a danger in spoiling the truth about Santa too soon. This 1980 film centers on a man who has become deranged after being long-haunted by a vision of his dad dressed up as Santa feeling up on his mom. He decides to become Santa himself after being picked on as an adult, but instead of rewarding all the nice kiddies around town, he's more focused on punishing the people on his naughty list. Slashing and dashing (and terrible special effects) ensue.

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A Christmas Horror Story

Instead of the usual merriment, this holiday-centered anthology film features all sorts of malevolence -- from a murderous ghost to a psychotic changeling to zombie elves, there's a little holiday fun for everyone in this film.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night

Another Santa suit-wearing slayer starts doling out some vigilante justice to all the bad boys and girls in his life in this 1984 slasher.

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Jack Frost (1997)

Not to be confused with the cutesy family films of the same name, this wonderfully cheesy horror film centers on an escaped death row inmate who continues his serial killing streak after he escapes detention and has his body fused with snow. Talk about an abominable snowman!

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Eyes Wide Shut

Yes, technically Stanley Kubrick's erotic drama is a Christmas film as well. The movie, which details the story of a married couple accidentally stumbling into some kinky and dangerous situations, is considered by some to be one of the auteur's masterpiece movies.

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