It only took a few more minutes of ice fishing during his only trip to Keuka Lake this year for Jon WInters to pull in a big one.

Just a few minutes more of ice fishing really paid off for Jon Winters II on March 7.

Winters was nearly ready to call it a day, but decided to put out a few more tip-ups on his only visit to Keuka Lake this winter.

Winters landed a 22 lbs. Northern Pike that was 45.75 in. long, fishing through 8 to 10 inches of ice near Indian Pines.

“I was about five minutes away from leaving and then the flag went up,” says Winters, of Seneca Falls, describing the catch.
He had very old monofilament with no leader and a single hook, but after 15 minutes, he and his father were able to work the large pike up through the hole in the ice using two gaffs.

The northern pike is easily the largest he’s ever landed, reports Winters, who has been ice fishing since he was about 4 or 5 years old. That’s long enough to recognize that this is a once in a lifetime catch, which is why the massive pike is being preserved and will hang in Winters’s home.