Every year, the American Legion Post 355 and VFW Post 745 distribute American flags to the graves of departed veterans who faithfully served our nation.  

The flags are put out on Memorial Day weekend, and brought in on/about Labor Day weekend.  
Traditionally, students from Penn Yan help with posting and retrieving the flags.  

In December 2010, the flags were brought in by Richard Lent (Col. US Army, retired), Greg Disbrow (MSgt, US Air Force, retired), and Trevor Fleischman, active duty U.S. Navy, Aviation Ordnance 3d Class.  

Fleischman was on leave and took time from his Christmas holiday plans to assist with the removal of the flags—an honorable and unselfish act on his part.  

“He demonstrates the ‘service before self’ motto that so many of today’s service members proudly believe in,” says Disbrow. Fleischman is a 2008 graduate of Penn Yan Academy, stationed at  Naval Air Station Lemoore, Calif.  

He is a member of American Legion Post 355 and is the son of Robert and Linda Fleischman of Penn Yan.

In 2011, Greg “Diz” Disbrow will be looking for volunteers to help with posting and retrieval of flags in local cemeteries.  Anyone interested in helping out can contact him at 315-536-3245.