Jim Trezise

Grand Reopenings and Major Anniversaries are aplenty these days

Grand Reopenings and Major Anniversaries are aplenty these days, with Villa Bellangelo on the west side of Seneca Lake hosting a great reopening party on Friday night, and Silver Thread Vineyard across the lake having its ceremony on Saturday.  Both of these are good wineries in prime locations, and it's great to see the new owners committed to carrying on the traditions of quality in their wines and facilities. Elsewhere, a Liquor Town store in Brewerton, NY also had its grand reopening on Saturday, featuring a new 1,400 square foot New York State Tasting Room!
15, 35, and 50 are the anniversaries of leading wineries on three different lakes -- Sheldrake Point on Cayuga, Glenora on Seneca, and Dr. Konstantin Frank on Keuka.  Glenora's celebration occurred two weeks ago, and it was truly a class act with great foods on the deck, live music, and lots of people just enjoying themselves while reminiscing.  Sheldrake Point, which won our "Winery of the Year" award two consecutive years, will have its event on July 5, after Dr. Frank celebrates 50 next Sunday, toasting the man, winery, and legacy which transformed the Finger Lakes wine industry.