Earlier this week, two very similar “Missed Connections” personals ads appeared on Craigslist, seeking people out in two different cities.

“Black tshirt ordering latte at La Colombe - m4w (Center City),” reads the title of one of the ads, whilst another states “East Village Milk Bar Blonde with Bday Truffles - m4w (East Village).”

On the surface, both look like regular posts within the hugely popular “Missed Connections” section of the site, where people look to reconnect with those they shared a brief glance with over a coffee or chatted to whilst they were waiting for the subway.

But the posts share one striking similarity: They both mention a new Swarovski Stardust bracelet, and that it may be within wrist’s-reach of their lucky missed connection. The posts are either from a very generous lonely heart, or Swarovski itself.

Here's the bracelet, it's priced at $80 on the Swarovski website.

It turns out, in quite an unusually low-key move for a luxury brand — they usually prefer big budget glossy magazine and TV ads — Swarovski was behind the listings. And it’s feeling generous. Some lucky Philly and NYC ladies that respond to the post may well be looking a little more “sparkly” this week, Business Insider understands.

Steve Red, CCO at Swarovski’s ad agency Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, explained the thinking behind the push to Business Insider: “[This activity is] all designed to help dispel the notion that Swarovski is only for red carpet moments and special occasions. We hope we’ll pleasantly surprise some curiously intrigued women on Missed Connections, and that they’ll sparkle a little bit more the next time they catch someone’s eye.”

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