Branchport-Keuka Park Fire District Commissioners support the town’s application for a Community Development Block Grant for improved fire-fighting capacity on the Keuka College campus.

Like the Town of Milo, at Jerusalem’s last Town Board meeting July 15, the board approved application for a $50,000 Community Development Block Grant for plans and engineering to improve the town’s water system. Town Engineer Wayne Ackart says, “For our share of the $2,500 match, the town will be getting a wealth of information.”

Commissioners of the Branchport-Keuka Park Fire District spoke in support of the study and improvements, saying that a 12-inch main is needed along Central Avenue in Keuka Park to fight any fire in the buildings of Keuka College. The existing hydrant service was described as worse than inadequate.

Town Board Member Daryl Jones asked, “Have you approached Keuka College? It’s to fight their fires.” The reduction in insurance costs was also mentioned as a possible incentive for the college to help in the project.

Ackart also mentioned that the town’s project to replace the 60-year-old sewer force main under the Keuka Lake Outlet discovered a snag for the Village of Penn Yan. It seems that plans for the sewer expansion for Iversen’s condominium and lakeside hotel projects in the village had unknowingly set a planned sewage pumping station directly on top of the force main. In cooperation with Jerusalem, a new location for the pumping station was determined.

Other business:

• Highways: The salt storage building at the town barns on Guyanoga Road has been finished and now only needs a layer of asphalt on the floor before salt can begin to be stored for winter use. Beyond the cost of salt loss, the building is hailed as an ecological benefit to the land and groundwater of the area.

• Bulldozer: After being tabled last month for board member Mike Steppe’s request for re-examination, the board passed the resolution for the purchase of a new bulldozer for $105,000 from FEMA reimbursement funds, with Steppe’s support. He added his urging that future town boards keep up the equipment reserve funds to replace aging equipment when needed.

• Sign: A new welcoming sign for Branchport has been placed near the bridge on Rte. 54A near the firehouse.