The Sampson Theatre haunted house returns for two weekends only this Halloween season

Prepare yourselves for the horrors of the return of the haunted Sampson Theatre! The Penn Yan Theatre Company’s Haunted House fund raiser for the Sampson Theatre returns after a two-year hiatus, and is bigger and scarier than ever.

Originally conceived in 2013 to bring the public into the Sampson and raise money for its renovation, the popular and successful haunted house was put on hold after the flood of 2014. Now, with the last remains of the flood removed from the “catacombs” beneath the theatre, and sets moved to a new warehouse, the Haunted Sampson can again entertain those who look forward to a good fright.

New horrors await those who are brave enough to enter the dark and eerie interior that has been weeks in preparation. Director Sara Lyon has brought all her technical skill and fiendish imagination to bear forth the new haunted house, and a team of ghouls of all ages are just waiting for fresh victims!

The experience is recommended for ages 10 and up, and only those of sound constitutions. There is also a fun activity room with Halloween crafts and treats for younger children as their parents and older siblings enjoy the haunted house. (Patrons are warned there will be stairs, strobe, blacklight, and other lighting and sound effects.)

Refreshments will be available for purchase after the tour to help recover your wits.

All the funds raised by what is planned to be the annual haunted house event, are going toward the renovation and reopening of the Sampson Theatre for full stage productions and performing arts education.

Phase I of the project is the stabilization and restoration of the 1910 theatre building to make it secure before interior renovation and expansion begins in Phase II.

Show your support (and bravery) by touring the Sampson Theatre’s 2016 Haunted House!