2017 county tax bills reflected a shortfall of $168,738.79 in the portion of the total tax levy to be paid by Jerusalem property owners. The tax rate was understated by about 25 cents per $1,000 of assessed value. The 2018 bill will include an adjustment.

Yates County officials are taking steps to correct a clerical error in the Yates County tax roll calculations that resulted in an understatement of the portion of the county tax levy to be paid by property owners in the town of Jerusalem. As a result, town and county tax bills sent to Jerusalem property owners are lower than they should have been.

The legislature unanimously approved a resolution adding $168,738.79 to the town’s apportioned share of the next Yates County tax levy.

County officials issued a statement Monday, following the legislature meeting explaining that during the first week of January the Yates County Real Property Tax Director discovered a formula error on the apportionment table that affects tax parcels in the Town of Jerusalem.

“This error is limited in scope; impacting only the county tax rate within the Town of Jerusalem. No other tax rates within the town are affected. No tax in any other town is affected,” the statement notes.

The statement continues: “The tax rate used to calculate the county tax amount due was understated by approximately $0.25 per thousand of assessed value. As an example, if one’s property has an assessed value of $100,000, it was underbilled by approximately $25.

“New tax bills will not be sent out. The 2017 tax bills will be due and payable according to the terms and amounts stated on the bills.

“The 2017 underbilled amount will be added as a separate item to the 2018 tax bill, as allowed by N.Y.S. Real Property Tax Law. The additional item will be for the 2018 bill only.

Letters will be sent to Jerusalem property owners beginning Jan 20, estimating the under-billed amount to be added to each parcel’s 2018 tax bill.

Real Property Tax Director Patricia Brede will notify escrow companies and local attorneys and real estate brokers so appropriate adjustments may be made.

At this time, the 2018 tax levy is unknown, so actual 2018 tax bills will reflect the amount to be collected for that tax year, plus a separate line item stating the amount underbilled in 2017.

Questions may be directed to the Yates County Real Property Tax Office, at: 417 Liberty St., Suite 1093, Penn Yan, N.Y. 14527; email realproperty@yatescounty.org; or phone 315-536-5165.

Other business at the Jan. 9 legislature meeting included:

• Broadband: Legislators heard a report from representatives of Southern Tier Network and ECC, the company that built the county’s broadband network, who said construction was completed $181,559 under budget. The complete project includes the addition of connections to the Sherman Hill and Angus county communication towers. Projected at just over $3 million, the final cost totaled $2,827,251.