Yates County Legislators and Yates County Sheriff Ronald Spike recognized 36 employees who have served a total of 540 years as of the end of 2016 at their Jan. 9 meeting.

Yates County Sheriff’s Deputy John Warner, who retired in 2016, was honored for 35 years of service.

Others recognized from the Sheriff’s Office were: David Head, 30 years; Roger Miller and Richard Simpson, 25 years; Derek Blumbergs, Joan Bonnett, Eric Marelli, and Dorothy Shanto, 20 years; Jason Bassett, Dusty Blumbergs, Amy McAdams, and Jeffery Meyers, 15 years; Rae Hubbell, 10 years; and Anthony Hill, Paul Hubbard, Wayne Marsh, Anthony Nesbit, and James Stenzel, five years.

County employees from other departments who were recognized were: Daryn Potts, 30 years; Sharon Dawes, Leslie Norton, and Brian Winslow, 25 years; Heather McLoud and David Wright, 20 years; Gary Christensen, Valerie Gardner, Krystine Leo, and Rodney Phillips, 15 years; Nancy Oppel, 10 years; Kerry Brennan, Kristin Birdsall, Sharon Clark, Lawrence Hansen, Scott Nielsen, Joseph Reed, and Cynthia Turrell, five years.