The last meeting of the Yates County Planning Board was forced into cancellation due to a failure to draw a quorum. Planner Dan Long says the attendance was expected to barely meet the necessary number of members, but at the last moment, one member was unable to attend due to a family emergency.

Consequently, all the applications due for review were returned to the towns and villages with no county action taken, for or against. In such cases, says Long, the municipalities are now free move forward on these applications, which include:

• Penn Yan: The Village of Penn Yan, applying for the McFetridge Family Trust, Rte. 14A (newly annexed into village), requested a zoning review for a designation of a zoning district classification of general commercial for the proposed Tractor Supply store.

• Torrey: Marvin Zimmerman, authorized representative for Arthur Zimmerman, adjacent to 2901 State Route 14, requested a site plan review and a a special use permit to construct a 45 ft. X 100 ft. building and adjacent parking area, for 10 vehicles, to operate an auto and light truck repair facility.

• Torrey: Verizon Wireless, authorized representative for Fox Run Vineyards,  requested a site plan review and an area variance to construct a 150 ft. monopole tower with 4 ft. lighting rod  as a telecommunications tower at 975 Carlson Road.

• Starkey: Jerry Zimmerman, of 150 Putnam Road, requests a special use permit, to construct a 32 ft. X 96 ft. dog kennel for 75 adult dogs.

• Starkey:  Machelle Carman, of 4280 Locust Road, requests a special use permit for a cabin to be used as a short term rental.

• Middlesex: John Finnan, of 179 State Route 245, requests a site plan review to construct a 40 ft. X 64 ft. pole barn for a workshop and lumber storage.

• Middlesex: Charles Coots, of 581 East Lake Road, requests a site plan review to construct a single family home on existing vacant land.