Phyllis Tierney, SSJ will be the speaker at the Oct. 16 Classics in Religion session at the Penn Yan Public Library.

In December of 2016, Tierney, a Sister of St. Joseph of Rochester, joined an interfaith group from California to visit Honduras, one of the northern triangle countries of Central America, to learn more about the violence that continues to motivate migration from Honduras to the united States. The current political climate in the United States has demonized persons, who have fled their countries and entered the United States illegally, but a powerful force that drives migration from Latin America is fear for one’s life and one’s family as well as economic necessity. The Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

(www.im4humanintegrity) sponsored this trip to assist participants to better understand the principles of the social gospel: “Every person is sacred across all borders.” Those who participated in the experience were asked to share their experience with others upon

their return to the U.S.

Sister Phyllis Tierney has served in many ministries in her 56 years as a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph: teaching, faith formation, social work, and pastoral ministry. For the past eleven years she has served as Coordinator of the Congregation’s work for Justice and Peace.