Despite the blustery weather, more than 50 people filled SkylArc Studio at the Arc of Yates Dec. 13. They were there to meet the artists, writers, and editors who helped to fill the pages of the first issue of Keuka Lake’s new literary magazine, Bluff & Vine.

Artwork included in the issue was on display, as well as Christmas decorations created by the individuals who attend SkylArc. Refreshments were provided by members of the Institute of Culinary Arts, part of the Arc’s Center for Lifelong Learning. Many guests asked both writers and artists to autograph their copies of the magazine.

For some of the writers whose fiction and nonfiction appears in Bluff & Vine, it was their first time meeting the editors who picked their work, their fellow writers, and the artists. Author Singer Bardin is originally from Lousiana, but now calls the Finger Lakes home.

“I was looking forward to seeing the art up close,” Bardin said. “Meeting the artists has really added to the experience for me. There’s so much talent here.”

Editors Bethany Snyder and Alex Andrasik were thrilled with the turnout at the event. “We’re so grateful that the community has embraced our project,” Snyder said. “We’re looking forward to seeing it grow and grow,” added Andrasik.

A second issue of Bluff & Vine is already in the works. In fact, Snyder and Andrasik handed out flyers with details about Issue Two at the reception. “We’re opening up for submissions on April 1,” said Andrasik. “And many people will be happy to hear that we’ll be taking poetry this time around.”

The editors expressed their gratitude to the staff at SkylArc for putting together the evening’s displays, and to Doug Fleet at the Arc for his support. “We literally couldn’t have produced this issue without Doug’s help,” said Snyder. “It’s been a wonderful partnership.”

Submission details are available on the magazine’s website at