Thirty-four Yates County employees were recognized Jan. 8 for their more than 500 years of service to county residents at the regular legislature meeting held in the legislative chambers.

Legislative Chairman Douglas Paddock thanked the employees for providing public safety, public infrastructure, serving as partners with New York State and for “supporting our way of life.”

Saying their jobs are not always easy or comfortable, Paddock said they all deserve recognition for their resiliency and compassion.

Yates County Administrator Robert Lawton said the employees’ efforts embody the values of the county, which include teamwork, stewardship, respect, and integrity.

Douglas Reynolds, retired Department of Social Services attorney, was honored for his 40 years of work for the county.

Others who were honored:

20 Years: Mary Griffiths, Andrew Boudinot, Joy Jensen, and Michael Weichenthal

15 Years: Catherine Beecher, Karen Fudge, Nicole Jensen, Lyle Dencenburg, and Kathy Swarthout

10 Years: Suzanne Backer, Robert Brechko, Debra Orr, and Christine Warriner

Five Years: William Ratcliffe, Nonie Flynn, Carol Ogden, Sean Wakeman, and Rebecca Reed.

Employees of the Yates County Sheriff’s Office who were honored by the legislature and Sheriff Ron Spike were:

30 Years: Sandra Siwak

25 Years: Chad Gridley

20 Years: Ann Niver, Pamela Whitford, and Lisa Wood

15 Years: Louis Aaron, Connie Greenfield, Jared Bailey, and Patricia Fox

10 Years: Jack Stover, Glenn Hasting, Albert Brush, Deborah Carlsen, and Charles Emerson

Five Years: Eric Burden.