Karl Warrington announced his decision to withdraw from the NY-23rd congressional race and to endorse Tracy Mitrano Jan. 8.Warrington told the Ithaca Times that Tracy “is the one person who can seriously take on Tom Reed. Super, super smart and definitely has the gravitas. Hands down, best choice.”

In response, Mitrano released the following statement: “I am grateful to receive Mr. Warrington’s endorsement. I truly admire and respect the campaign Mr. Warrington ran. He focused on bringing compassion and community values back into politics, things sorely lacking in recent political discussions and in our current congressional representation. In his professional life and during his campaign, Mr. Warrington... has also rightly been quick to point out the many times Congressman Tom Reed has sided with the interests of his wealthy donors and politicians in Washington, rather than his constituents in NY-23. I look forward to working together with Mr. Warrington in the coming weeks and months to fight for those in our district who have been neglected by our current representation on issues such as health care and economic opportunity.”

Mitrano and Warrington were just two in a big field of potential Democratic candidates who hope to challenge Reed in the November election. There will be a Democratic Primary this spring to see who will get the Democratic line on the ballot.