At the Jan. 17 meeting of the Jerusalem Town Board, the members were to meet in executive session to discuss appointing a replacement for Town Justice Matthew Davison, who is retiring for reasons of health. As the Republican incumbent, Davison was re-elected to the post last November, defeating Democratic challenger Sharon Pinckney 650 to 502.

According to Town Supervisor Patrick Killen, three potential candidates were being considered, and were to be discussed in executive session after the public meeting.

Several residents spoke up at the meeting to insist the board consider Pinckney for the position ahead of people who had never before expressed any interest in serving as Town Justice. They also asked them to consider her long residency and service in the community.

“Sharon made the effort and ran, and made a very good showing,” said one of those who spoke up. “The voice of the people deserves to be heard.”

In other town business:

•  Keuka Park water mains: Following a public hearing and State Environmental Quality Review, the board approved a consolidated water district capital improvement project. The project will replace 3,215 feet of water mains in Keuka Park on Central and North Avenues, and Cedar and Cypress Streets, estimated at a cost of $782,000.

Town Engineer Wayne Ackart says these are old mains installed in the 1930s by Keuka College when it built its own water system. When the municipal system was installed, the old mains were incorporated into the wider service. There will be 1,245 feet of new 6-inch mains, and 1,970 feet of 8-inch mains installed.

Ackart also reported there were five water main leaks last month, most related to the old mains and the extreme cold weather during that time.

• Highways: Highway Superintendent Rob Martin reported that half of the town’s salt and sand supply has been used up already.