Esperanza Mansion, the landmark hotel, restaurant, and wedding venue overlooking Keuka Lake that closed its doors in 2016, will be sold at public auction.

According to a notice by Peter Baker Esq., the Referee in the Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale dated Jan. 23, 2018,  Esperanza will be sold at public auction at 10 a.m. Wednesday, March 7 in the lobby of the Yates County Courthouse,  415 Liberty Street, Penn Yan.

The legal notice filed last week states premises are sold subject to “an accurate survey… zoning restrictions and any amendments thereto, covenants, restrictions, agreements, reservations, and easements of record and prior liens, if any, municipal departmental violations, and such other provisions as may be set forth in the Complaint and Judgment filed in this action.” 

The final judgment amount is $1,590,380.40 plus costs, disbursements, attorney fees and additional allowance, all with legal interest.

Genesee Regional Bank in Rochester is seeking to recoup money owed to them by Esperanza. In April 2017, the bank’s commercial lending division filed foreclosure papers in Yates County Court, claiming over $2.86 million. The papers claimed Esperanza and owner David Wegman “have failed to comply with the conditions of said notes, mortgages, security agreements, and forbearance agreement by omitting and failing to pay items of principal, interest, taxes, assessments, water rates, insurance premiums, escrow, and/or other charges.”

In addition to the Esperanza group of companies and several members of David Wegman’s family, the foreclosure also names the Yates County Industrial Development Agency; the U.S. Small Business Administration; the N.Y State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance; and Jacobstein Food Service LLC.

Wegman and Esperanza settled a lawsuit for $210,000 for waitstaff who were owed gratuities and service fees the management collected  for 6 years but never paid them.  Wegman has offered Esperanza for sale for several years, finally resorting to an online auction in 2016 that failed to attract a minimum bid said to be over $3 million.