The environmental clean-up at the former manufactured gas plant site on Water Street in Penn Yan which was temporarily suspended last year has been nearly completed, according to a spokesperson for NYSEG, owner of the property. Work on the site will resume in April, and continue until next year.

NYSEG officials say the contractor and company are still determining the scope of the work that needs to be completed, as plans for the stabilization of the stone building are reviewed by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officials.

After the building is once again stable, NYSEG’s contractors will resume the remedial excavation.

The clean up action at the site was paused last summer after attempts to stabilize the 1899 stone gas house to allow excavation of soil beneath the structure were unsuccessful, and excessive settlement of the building began.

The MGP clean up project, originally expected to cost about $8 million, had already cost $10 million by last summer.

The building was constructed in 1899 and was operated as a plant where gas was manufactured from coal until 1931. It was later used as a malt house and wood storage building.

The site was identified as an inactive hazardous waste disposal site in 2012.Clean up began in late 2015 and was expected to be complete in the spring of 2018.