Jerusalem’s Town Engineer, Wayne Ackart, reported at the town board meeting Feb. 21 on the progress of the Keuka Park water district capital improvement project to replace over 3,215 feet of water mains on Central and North Avenues; Cedar and Cypress Streets, estimated at a cost of $782,000. 

Ackart says the project will include 1,245 feet of 6-inch mains, 1,970 feet of 8-inch mains installed, as well as painting the Keuka Park water tank, flushing stations, and tank mixers. Ackart states, “The biggest item is old main replacement in Keuka Park. I would estimate construction starting in late July, with completion by late fall. However, some items could run over till next spring.” 

Indian Pines sewer

Ackart also reported on the upcoming sewer rehabilitation project in Indian Pines. This calls for relining about 1,600 feet of the existing 12 inch sewer mains with a trenchless, cast in place pipe liner, and full rehabilitation of the existing manholes. The work will also include preparatory cleaning and televising of the mains, remote removal of any protruding portions of sewer laterals, root cutting within the sewer main, grouting of any active leaks, certification of host pipe being acceptable condition for installation of liner, furnishing and installing cured-in-place liner systems, remote restoration of lateral services, testing of lined mains, post-installation televising, traffic control, any surface restoration. The rehabilitation of approximately 15 existing manholes also involves structural repairs, installing a cementitious liner system, removing and resetting the existing frames and covers. 

Ackart says, “Service to individual home owners will only be interrupted a few hours on one day only; when their ‘manhole’ section is being slip-lined. Service to everyone else will be uninterrupted since we will be bypass pumping around the manhole section being relined.”

The project also includes a required contribution to the Village of Penn Yan for recent maintenance/upgrades to their Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). 

As part of the intermunicipal agreement, Jerusalem is responsible for a percentage of the necessary upkeep of the portion of Penn Yan’s system used by the town, based on sewage flow numbers.

Construction costs $136,400

Contingency $13,600

Engineering/Admin 15 percent $22,500

Project Total$172,500

Capital contribution to WWTP $50,000

Total financing $222,500

The project will go out for bid in March, with acceptance of bid anticipated in April.

Note: Supervisor Pat Killen reports Jerusalem’s water and sewer customers can now pay their bills online. A link was posted on the town website’s homepage last week.