The Chronicle-Express received permission to publish the following article which first appeared in the Loveland, Colo. Reporter-Herald in January.
We reached out to Diane Littlefield in early February to find out if they have had any luck finding a home for the sculpture. She said they are communicating with an environmental center. She wrote in an email: “I think my mom would approve of this spot. It's as if she has been leading me here.”

Wayne and Diane Littlefield of Loveland have a “Lady of the Lake” without a lake.

The piece came from a bed-and-breakfast owned by Diane’s late mother in Branchport N.Y.

“She loved ‘Camelot,’ so Lady of the Lake and Excalibur, she had a fondness for,” said Diane.

Her mother, Vera Van Atta, commissioned the piece from artist Don Sottile of Penn Yan, N.Y., after adding a pond to her property.

The work is meant to be in water with the top half of a woman emerging, holding a sword. There is about 5 inches of rubber on the lower half with a hole for the piece to be put on a post in the water.

The piece is currently in the Littlefields’ backyard, surrounded by decorative stone to form a small lake.

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