One man who was removing snow has died in Penn Yan, and a Town of Jerusalem home was damaged by a falling tree.

Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike has provided updated information on today's storm impact, which includes one related death, and major damage to a house in Jerusalem from a fallen tree.

Spike says a Village of Penn Yan man collapsed while removing snow. He was taken by ambulance to Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital where he died. The man has not been identified. No one was hurt in the town of Jerusalem when a large tree fell on a house, causing major damage.

The no unnecessary travel is changed to an advisory at this time. Over the past several hours Yates County received a snowfall between 12 and 18 inches, depending on elevation, hampering safe travel. The heavy wet snow has caused downed power lines, trees, tree limbs, and many vehicles sliding off the roads. State Route 14 south of Dresden was closed for a couple of hours this morning due to two tractor-trailers and car accident-blocking roadway.

Spike says the Yates County 911 dispatch center called in additional dispatchers, and all first responders, law enforcement, fire departments, and the countywide Office of Emergency Management and Emergency Medical Services, highway departments handled calls for numerous incidents. Utility crews were very busy responding to wires down.

Dispatches included:

• Over 150 calls for law enforcement

• Over 75 fire department related and EMS calls dispatched. Wires down in roads or causing fire incidents were predominantly the leading call for service.

• Over 300 non-emergency phone calls to the dispatch center during the height of the storm

this morning. Dispatchers on duty were overloaded at times due to multiple incoming

phone and radio calls.

This travel advisory continues, says Spike, urging drivers that hazardous driving conditions may exist and to be aware of road conditions until the storm subsides.

Highway Departments will continue to plow roadways, and winds are anticipated to continue and due to the weight of snow may bring other wires or limbs down.

“I thank all police, fire and EMS first responders, 911 dispatchers, highway dept and municipal workers, wrecker services, volunteers, and NYSEG crews for all their responses and call handling,” said Spike.