Upon reading last week’s article of being a no-show in Penn Yan Village Court, attorney Robert Zimmerman contacted The Chronicle-Express March 19. He and his client, Edward Brockman, 70, of Naples, charged with forcible touching (class A misdemeanor), was reported to be scheduled in court March 8 to hear testimony from a subpoenaed witness.

Zimmerman contends, however, that neither he nor his client was ever informed of the March 8 hearing. As proof, he provided a copy of a letter signed by Penn Yan Village Justice Matthew Conlon, dated March 5 and received March 8, informing him that the pre-trial hearing was scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 26. Zimmerman says he has no explanation why the court, the special prosecutor, the witness, and the state police were all informed, yet neither he nor Brockman was contacted. He says the April 26 date will also have to be reset due to scheduling conflicts.

Brockman, the former Yates County Public Defender and still-serving attorney for the Village of Penn Yan, was accused of groping a teenage female client in February 2016.

Prosecution of the case has been complicated by the death by drug overdose of Brockman’s accuser, now identified as Shylo Zirkle, 20, who died in September. Last Thursday’s hearing was to hear the subpoenaed testimony of Wendy Christensen, Zirkle’s mother (no relation to the author).

No new date has yet been announced.