Almost 250 students, parents, teachers, and friends turned out Friday evening for the opening of the Yates County Student Art Exhibit at the Arts Center of Yates County.  The annual show highlights work from middle and high school students in Penn Yan, Dundee and Marcus Whitman school districts.

The exhibit is hung by art teachers from the various schools. The Arts Center then brings in professional artists to review and judge the work, just like a regular “juried” show. This year’s judges were photographer William Norton, potter Barbara Havill, and painters Sandy Cook and Eileen Correll.  

Student work from each school are judged in three categories: painting and drawing, photography, and three dimensional art.  A “best in show” piece is also chosen.

Thanks to generous donations from the parent-teacher organization in each of the three districts, the top three winners in each category and the best in show winner receive cash prizes.

The 2018 Best in Show winner is a pastel entitled “Mr. Frizzle” by Marcus Whitman sophomore Aubrey Bagley.

The Yates County Student Exhibit runs through Friday, April 27 at the Arts Center.  The Arts Center of Yates County is located at 127 Main St.,Penn Yan and is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Visits to the gallery are free of charge.


Best in Show:

Aubrey Bagley, Marcus Whitman 10th Grade “Mr. Frizzle”

Penn Yan Middle School & Academy

Drawing and Painting:   

1st Place: Abby Miller, grade 12, Self Portrait

2nd Place: Sydney Moravec, grade  9, Untitled

3rd Place: Courtney Schenk, grade 11, Untitled

Honorable Mention: David Reed, grade 7, Bob Ross, Trees


1st Place: Mary Todd, grade 12, Simply Nature

2nd Place: Tori Bennett, grade 12, Dewy Dry

3rd Place: Melanie Gleason, grade 12, Light up the Dark

Honorable Mention: Abigail Ingles, grade 12, Nature & Spirit

3 Dimensional: 

1st Place: Beth Miller grade 12, Wave Length

2nd Place: Mercedes Strickland, grade 11, Gargoyle

3rd Place: Owen Bishop, grade 7, Tree of Life

Dundee Middle School & High School

Drawing and Painting:

1st Place: Lily Hall, grade 7, Contour Creations

2nd Place: Hayden Morrison, grade 7, Contour Creations

3rd Place:  Alex Hutchens unknown grade, Studio Art

Honorable Mention: Megan Shearin, grade 10, Independent Studio


1st Place: Aliyah Brewer, grade 10, photo

2nd Place Sierra Slavick, grade unknown, Ella P

3rd Place: Taylor Leiter, grade 12, Large portrait

Honorable Mention: Madelyn Ayers, grade 10, AP

3 Dimensional:

1st Place: Art Group, grade 7, Dino-Mite

2nd Place: Megan Shearin grade 10, Octopus

Marcus Whitman Middle & High School

Drawing and Painting:

1st Place: Bailey Robinson, grade 12, Abstract Anatomy Study

2nd Place: Sarah Montague, grade 12, Self-Portrait

3rd Place: McKenna Campbell-Fox, grade 11, Living Drama

Honorable Mention: Grace Christiansen, grade 10, Animal Study


1st Place: Athena Saxton, grade 10, Selective Coloring

2nd Place: Emma MacDowell, grade 11, Sepia

3rd Place: Aiden Morey, grade 10, Landscape

Honorable Mention: Alyn Watts, grade 11, Selective Color Fall

3 Dimensional:

1st Place: Dominique Robinson, grade 11, Abstract Sculpture

2nd Place: Emily Button, grade 8, Coil Pot

3rd Place: Lauren Van Auker, grade 9, Ceramic Bowl