The caffeine connoisseurs of Penn Yan will be relieved to know that their favorite coffee bar, Publick, is to reopen this weekend as Amity Coffee Co. under a new owner. 

Lyndsi Stolzfus is already a familiar face for the former Publick clientele at 13 Main St., having served them as its manager for the last six months it was in operation.

Despite the cries of his loyal customers, former owner Chris Wright made the difficult decision to close Publick to focus more on his other property ventures. The style of the bar is an expression of Wright’s personal esthetic, but he was glad to sell all the fixtures of the business to Stoltzfus, who will continue on the same model. Before her time as manager, Stoltzfus was an experienced barrista in Pennsylvania, having four years experience at the Oak Leaf Café at Oak Hill Market in Milo.

Stoltzfus chose the name Amity because of the friendships she saw that grew and blossomed at the coffee bar. “I enjoyed seeing all the relationships that were formed here and love the community it fostered,” she says of her customers. Hers will not be the only familiar face to welcome back that community. Several of Publick’s former employees will be returning as part of the Amity Coffee Co. family.

As beautiful as Amity Coffee already is, Stotzfus is planning changes to appeal to an even wider customer base. The hours are being shifted to capitalize on an earlier morning and daytime crowd: 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The menu will also be expanding to include more food and non-coffee beverages. Bagels and toast will be the first new offerings to accompany leisurely morning cappuccinos or to grab on the run with a tall latté.

Whatever your choices, Amity Coffee Co. will soon return as one of the increasing number of bright spots in Penn Yan, bringing the best in beverage, food, atmosphere, and friendly hospitality to both residents and vistors alike.