The last Jerusalem Town Board Meeting was unusual, even for Jerusalem. Supervisor Patrick Killen was away on vacation, so the meeting was chaired by Councilman Paul Anderson. Several minutes into the meeting, this reporter received a text message on his cell phone from Killen: “If at TOJ meeting, please ask Paul to check his phone.” Doing as asked, Anderson said he’d left his phone at home. Killen asked for any member to answer their phone. He also sent the same message to Highway Supervisor Robert Martin in his attempt to call in to the meeting. None of the board would answer Killen’s calls.

It was Councilman and former Supervisor Daryl Jones who texted Killen back telling him that he could not attend the meeting by phone, only by video conference, and only after advertising the conference in his current locale well prior to the meeting. Killen disputed this, arguing by text that former Councilmen Michael Steppe and Gary Dinehart had attended by phone. The board refuted that assertion. Killen then argued by text that he could attend and even comment by phone, just could not vote. Still the members would not answer.

As all this was going on, Anderson was forging ahead with the business of the meeting. Under his leadership, the board heard reports from the Town Engineer Wayne Ackart, the Highway Supervisor, the council, and County Legislator Edward Bronson; and approved 10 resolutions, all in just over half an hour; a new record in brevity and efficiency for Jerusalem.

Among the resolutions passed:

• Execution of the Indian Pines sewer rehab project.

• To advertise for a provisional Keuka Park Water And Sewer worker until the civil service exam can be set.

• To renew a 3-year contract with SCT Computers for service.

• Authorize signature of a grant application for Keuka Lake Outlet Compact (KLOC) for repairs to the dam at Penn Yan.

• Several budget amendments