In the course of their investigation of two church burglaries, the Penn Yan Police Dept. engaged the assistance of New York State Police divers to recover some disposed evidence from the Keuka Lake Outlet west of the Liberty St. bridge. However, in their search Monday, July 9, the divers recovered something that could have been far more lethal than the stolen knife in question.

Searching the bottom of the outlet between the boat launch site and the footbridge, the divers discovered what looked to be a rocket-propelled grenade. The State Police Bomb Disposal Unit was called, and the suspect device was carefully retrieved from the bottom.

Upon investigation, the device was discovered to be a World War II era anti-tank bazooka rocket. To everyones’ relief, it was also found to be a dummy training round with no explosive material inside. The non-lethal artifact was taken by the state police for disposal. But the question remains; how did such a thing find its way to Penn Yan and into the Keuka Outlet, and when?