The Penn Yan Village Board has set a public hearing on the Proposed Parks and Recreation Master Plan for 6:05 p.m. Aug. 21 during the next regular village board meeting.

The plan, which was developed by village officials and the Design Connect team from Cornell University, includes an analysis of existing village-owned and other parks, and recommendations for projects to improve park facilities.

The proposed plan updates the 2010 Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

Small Scale

Small scale recommendations in the plan include:

• Formalize the trailhead: Relocating the trailhead at the Elm Street Sports complex closer to Elm Street, away from the concession stand, to make it more visible from the street. This would connect it to the village’s sidewalk network. A kiosk with information about the trail could be added, along with seating, a bike rack, bollards separating the trail from the parking area, and landscaping. Cost estimate: $10,000

• Trail signage: Adding interpretive and wayfinding signage along the trail. Cost estimate: $500 - $2,500 per sign

• Bike racks and hitching posts: Adding combined bike rack and hitching posts at popular parks and along the Outlet Trail. Cost estimate: $150 per rack

• Boat Launch Seating: Additional seating and landscaping at the Boat Launch to create a more welcoming environment and to provide a rest area for those who are fishing or waiting to get their boat into the water. Cost estimate: $2,000 per sign

Medium Scale

Medium Scale recommendations include:

• Expanded parking at the Elm Street Sports Complex: Repaving and restriping the existing parking lot , and adding additional parking along Elm Street to provide spaces for 35 additional vehicles, and provide another entry into parking is recommended. Permeable pavement is recommended for this. Cost estimate: $70,000 total

• Improvements at Lake Street Playground: The village might consider replacing the existing playground equipment which is rusty and worn out. Also, a crosswalk across Lake Street could be added. Cost estimate:  $30,000

• Red Jacket Beach: This project would stabilize the shoreline at Red Jacket beach to create a 15 ft. wide, flat beach area with large stone steps and an accessible ramp leading to the beach. Cost estimate: $50,000

• Tennis Courts: The courts at the Keuka Street Boat Launch could be resurfaced and repainted, and additional fencing installed. Adding lines for pickleball would add to the value of the courts. Cost estimate: $8,000

Large Scale

Large Scale recommendations include:

• Marshwalk: A boardwalk through the marsh on the northern edge of the Keuka Outlet has been a long-time desire of many residents. This project’s potential could create significant benefits, but there are a number of potential barriers. Cost estimate: Up to $300,000

• Pedestrian bridge: A pedestrian bridge across the Keuka Outlet just south of the boat launch, and another at the entrance to the Outlet from Indian Pines Park to the Hampton Inn property would provide more direct pedestrian and cycle access between Indian Pines and Red Jacket Parks. Cost estimate: Up to $160,000 to $400,000

• Jacob’s Creek Trail: Creating a trail or greenway along Jacob’s Creek from the Keuka Outlet Trail to the Yates Community Center could provide a northern extension of the Keuka Outlet Trail and help with stormwater retention and flood mitigation. Cost estimate: $90,000


• Focus on maintenance: Creating a maintenance plan and schedule for each park.

The entire plan is available at the village’s website in the village documents section, and at the village office.