The featured speakers at the Aug. 15 Jerusalem Town Board meeting brought some welcome good news. Bev Eggleston, Summer Recreation Program Director for Jerusalem for over 20 years, and three of her day campers, Wyatt Walters and Grace & Blake Roberts, reported on the great success of this year’s summer recreation program at Keuka Lake State Park. 

Approximately 75 children were enrolled this year, with an average daily attendance well over 40. Wyatt reported on his favorite activities, including dodgeball, lacrosse, and field trips to places like Seabreeze and Watkins Glen State Park. He also praised the staff and all they do for the kids. Robert enjoyed those, too, despite his broken arm, and his sister Grace displayed one of the umbrellas they painted on a craft day.

Other activities included “Mystery Mondays,” blind taste tests, dance offs, and a trust walk. The kids were also thrilled by several bald eagle sightings at the park. Eggleston reports that 100 percent of the evaluation surveys came back positive, which was echoed by Board Member Ray Stewart saying his grandchildren loved it and would be going back next year.

Road concerns

On a sadder note in the town, several automobile accidents and numerous close calls on Italy-Friend Road this year have prompted requests that the once quiet road now be striped with center double yellow lines. Board member Paul Anderson is a resident of the road and confirms that in all his years there, he has never seen the traffic he sees now. It is suspected that GPS systems are routing drivers on the narrow, winding road enroute between the Rochester area and the southern ends of the Finger Lakes. 

Rather than immediately striping the road, which would then become an added annual expense of thousands of dollars, the board voted to ask the Yates County Sheriff’s Office to set up their speed monitoring trailers there for a time to measure the numbers and speeds of vehicles. These also act as a temporary deterrent to speeding. The town will also apply for a DOT speed study for the whole road to determine the safe speeds and appropriate signage.

In other business:

Jane Ackerman Peck Day: In honor of her 100th birthday and her long residence and dedication to Jerusalem, the board passed a resolution making Aug. 18, 2018 “Jane Ackerman Peck Day” with their best wishes.

Water project: The board resolved to advetise for bids for the Keuka Park water system improvement project.