When the Starkey Town Board meets Sept. 6, they will consider adopting a local law to amend the town’s zoning ordinance related to dog kennels.

In February, the board adopted a moratorium on issuing permits for dog kennels in the town until after new regulations for kennel operations were written and adopted.

The proposed regulation will require kennels to comply with USDA and/or New York State Ag & Markets regulations, and a special use permit from the town.

Requirements for kennels include:

• Kennels must include design elements to mitigate noise inside and out to protect the animals’ hearing as well as prohibiting nuisance noise

• Primary pens, adjacent exercise areas, and outside runs must be a minimum of 200 percent of USDA standards, and include daily access to an outside area.

• Stacked pens will not be allowed for adult dogs

• Flooring in whelping areas shall not allow feet to penetrate the flooring.

• Waste shall be composted, and piles must be at least 200 feet away from a waterway, ditch, stream, pond, or lake. Compost may not be used on crops for human consumption.

• At least 50 percent of the flooring must be solid, and plastic covered wire flooring is permitted as long as the gauge of the openings is small enough to prevent injuries.

• The application must include plans for exercise, socialization, and grooming

• The name of a certified veterinarian who will attend to animals must be included with the application.

• A town official will visit the kennel at least once a year to assess the effectiveness of the regulations.

The Starkey Town Board meets at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall on Seneca Street in Dundee. Copies of the proposed local law are available at the town hall.