Sixteen years ago, Amy and Dave Hoffman set out on a venture to build a successful winery at Rooster Hill Vineyards on Keuka Lake. Four years ago, Paul Curcillo and Stephanie King from Philadelphia launched their own endeavor to make wine.

Both couples are now saying “We did it!” with the announcement that Curcillo and King have purchased Rooster Hill Vineyards from the Hoffmans.

“We did what we came to do… build a successful winery,” said Amy Hoffman in a recent interview. “It’s been a great run and now it’s time to relax. We’re in retirement mode.”

“We love making wine,” said Curcillo. “It was a hobby that became a passion, then a dream… and now a reality.” In 2015, the couple acquired Torrey Ridge Winery on Seneca Lake and they are thrilled to bring Rooster Hill with the tradition of the Hoffmans and its wine portfolio into their winemaking operation.

It all started when Curcillo was growing up and he helped his Italian dad make homemade wine. Eventually, Curcillo and King got into home winemaking with his father. Their first vintage amounted to 28 gallons and grew into fund-raising events for local charities.

They knew winemaking was for them, and when they started looking around for a winery, the Finger Lakes was a natural.

“We love coming up here,” said Curcillo. “It’s one of the best decisions we ever made. Everyone we know who visits comes back.”

Both couples are bullish on the Finger Lakes wine industry. Amy Hoffman sees a “bright future with quality state-of-the-art products.”

Curcillo points out that the Finger Lakes offers “something for everybody. A good wine is a wine you like, is what we believe,” he observed.

Stanley Olevnik, a Real Estate Salesperson for Howard Hanna Lake Group, facilitated the winery sale.

“CK Cellar’s purchase is a direct reflection on the confidence Paul and Stephanie have in our region, Olevnik said. “The addition of Rooster Hill to their organization creates synergies in production and customer service that enhance the roles of local employees and support our growing tourist industry.”

Rooster Hill is located about five miles south of Penn Yan at 493 East Lake Road.

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