Primary election day in New York is Sept. 13, when Democratic and Reform Party voters in Yates County will be able to vote on candidate hopefuls in statewide races for the governor’s office and attorney general.

There are not local primary races, but what makes this election noteworthy is that all registered voters who are not enrolled in a party are eligible to vote for candidates for the attorney general seat on the Reform Party ballot. This is the first open primary to be held in New York State.

Typically in New York State, primaries are restricted to voters who are enrolled in a political party.

There are 1,882 voters registered in the Reform party statewide. There are just a handful of Yates County voters enrolled in the Reform party, while there are around 3,000 unaffiliated voters and 3,500 registered Democrats in the county. That means election officials will need to be prepared with enough pre-printed ballots, at a cost of $.48 each to serve the voters they anticipate will show up.

All voting district locations in Yates County will be open from noon to 9 p.m. says Yates County Republican Commissioner Amy Daines.

Here are the races that will be on the primary ballots:

Democratic primary for governor:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon

Democratic primary for lieutenant governor

Kathy Hochul

Jumaane Williams

Democratic primary for attorney general

Sean Patrick Maloney

Letitia A. James

Leecia R. Eve

Zephyr Teachout

Reform primary for attorney general

Nancy B. Sliwa

Mike Diederich

Christopher Garvey