PENN YAN—An old saying “to raise the roof” relates to raising a ruckus, loud noise etc, however it can also mean literally raising the roof of a home. Recently the latter meaning came to life as four young members of our Mennonite community: Fairman Hoover, Kevin Reiff, Aaron Reiff and Lamer Sensenig, could be seen “raising the roof” on the house currently being constructed by Yates County Habitat for Humanity at 144 Seneca St. Penn Yan.

Once at the work site, they wasted no time getting busy. Arriving at 8 a.m., they had lifted and walked the trusses to their correct placement by the 10 a.m. coffee break. After the half-hour break, they continued working, and completed the roof sheathing by lunch time. Needless to say, since  they are a half century younger than the average Habitat volunteer, and that their expertise and proficiency is to marvel, the work progressed very quickly.

The house being constructed at Seneca St. will be the future home of Estella Garcia and her family: Abeni, Wilson, Leslie, and David. Working to complete the required partner sweat equity hours, when finished, Estella will have a mortgage with Habitat that will include taxes and insurance.

YCHFH is a non-profit ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to making affordable decent housing for those in need a matter conscience and action. Habitat works in partnership with people in need throughout the world building simple decent shelter that is sold to them at no profit.  Funds and building materials are donated by individuals, churches, corporations, and other organizations sharing the common goal.

Yates County Habitat for Humanity meets the first Wednesday of the month at the Lyons National Bank on Liberty St. in Penn Yan, beginning at 7 p.m. Volunteers are always needed to help with bread and lunches.