New York State Sen. Tom O’Mara and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano made an appearance at the last Milo Town Board meeting Monday, Nov. 19 to deliver a resolution and proclamation from the State Legislature recognizing the 200th anniversary of the official birth of the town.

For several months, the board members have been taking turns to present special information on the town’s history in recognition of the bicentennial. This month, Jim Harris made a presentation on all the Main Street bridges in Penn Yan, focusing especially on the current historic bridge which was built by the Town of Milo in 1884 at a cost of $8,500, and was constructed over the course of just a few months.

Some interesting information Harris discovered: in the planning of the project in 1884, the town paid Birkett’s Mill to raise and move their still existing building to its current location; the town failed to include the road approaches in the project, adding them to the costs later; and in a later repair of the roadway on the bridge it was discovered that buckwheat hulls had been used to fill in part of the bridge over the arches, and their decay was what caused the needed repairs.

In other business:

• Fire contracts: The board approved the contract with Himrod Fire Dept. for $88,800, and Dale Hallings commended them for their well reported budget, with all members concurring. The fire contract with Penn Yan FD for $154,709 was also approved but with a request for an officer of the PYFD to explain how they arrived at the budget figures.

• Sewer project: The board approved an amendment to the sewer regulation to allow for gravity flow sewers in preparation for the Bath Road/Airport sewer project.

• Truck sale: The sale of a declared-surplus 2015 Ford pickup to the highest bidder for $25,700 was also approved. The truck was purchased new for $31,216 on state bid. Highway Superintendent Lance Yonge was praised for the care he and his crew take of all the town’s equipment, allowing items to be sold at such high resale value.