If you are looking for help filling out your holiday cookie platter, why not let Keuka Comfort Care Home provide those specialty cookies you don’t have time to bake. The 10th Annual Holiday Cookie Walk to support Keuka Comfort Care Home, held at the First Presbyterian Church in Penn Yan, has become a favorite event each year since its beginning in 2008. The fabulous homemade specialties received from volunteer bakers is a sight to behold. Gorgeous and decadent cookies and confections make great gifts for friends, family, and office parties. The doors open promptly at 10 a.m., Saturday, Dec. 15 and when the cookies are gone the doors are closed.

A “Cookie Walk” is a fabulous bake sale where thousands of favorite holiday cookies are sold by the pound. Customers are given gloves and a box to put their confections in. They then “walk” around tables overflowing with platters of beautiful cookies, candies, and fudge, choosing your own assortment and placing them in a pastry box, which is weighed when you have finished your selections. In the past, there have been more than 60 different types of fancy, intricate, and really special holiday treats, as well as the expected sugar cookies and other favorites baked by talented members of the community. Again this year, a nice selection of holiday breads and Donna’s famous Swedish Tea Rings will also be available.

“The best part is that it’s only $10 per pound of pure heaven. Pre-orders for $12 a pound will be available for those who can’t make it to the event. Just call Keuka Comfort Care Home at 315-536-1690 or send an email to cookie@keukacomfortcarehome.org,” says spokesperson Maureen Wise.

Numbered tickets will be available at 8 a.m. These tickets hold a place in line until the doors open. Extra parking is available at the Yates County Complex across Main Street.

At 10 a.m. cookie patrons, in order of ticket numbers, will be admitted to maintain a crowd at or below the posted room capacity. This gives patrons more room to move around freely, and ensures safety. Wait time to weigh and pay will be reduced by allowing each buyer to have the option to fill up to two boxes at a time.

Organizers are looking for bakers to bake six dozen (two batches or more) of the same type of Holiday Cookie. To sign up, visit keukacomfortcarehome.org/cookie or facebook.com/holidaycookiewalk or call KCCH at 315-536-1690 and let them know what kind of cookie you would like to bake.

“Keuka Comfort Care Home just finished celebrating its 10th year in operation! What a wonderful 10 years it has been. As we embark on this first fundraiser of our next 10 years, we look forward to the generosity of our bakers and volunteers, and the number of sugar-seeking patrons who show up every year,” says Wise.

Proceeds benefit Keuka Comfort Care Home, a two bedroom home overlooking Keuka Lake, providing free, compassionate, end of life care in a homelike setting to  terminally ill residents of Yates County and surrounding communities and will support their loved ones.