WELLSVILLE — Keeping a Christmas promise she made to the chorus last year, Genesee Valley Chorus Director Norma Bartlett gave the group a contemporary Christmas carol list to learn for Sunday’s concert.

The program, “I Wish You Christmas” will take place at 3 p.m. Sunday at Trinity Lutheran Church, on North Main Street.

Bartlett explained, “During rehearsals for last year’s Christmas concert I had the chorus learn a contemporary Christmas cantata, but after rehearsing it for weeks and learning all their parts, there just wasn’t time to perform it with the rest of the concert, so I told them to put it away because we weren’t going to do it.

“The chorus was upset because they knew and liked the songs, so I promised we would do it this year.”

The result is “I Wish You Christmas” a concert to be performed by the Genesee Valley Chorus Sunday at Trinity Lutheran church with Carole Aldrich accompanying. This is a free concert, but donations are always welcome. There will be a brief intermission and at the end, the chorus invites those attending to gather round the wassail bowl and sing some more.

Some of the well-known songs that will be featured in the performance are: “All I Want For Christmas Is You” with Mary Sterling as the soloist; “White Christmas” with Joe Mead soloing and “Winter Wonderland” with Alison Dickinson soloing.

Other favorite songs are “Silver Bells” written by Ray Evans, formerly of Salamanca, who said in an interview with the Daily Reporter several years ago that the name of the song started out as Tinkle Bells, until his wife reminded him and writing partner Jay Livingston what tinkle usually referred to.

The chorus will also sing “Jingle Bell Rock” and “I’ll Be Home for Chrstmas” as well as a compilation of carols entitled “Carols Around And Around” and several other well-known and lesser known carols.

“It should be a fun, relaxing afternoon of music. It is a contemporary musical Christmas program featuring more modern Christmas music. We will still be featuring some soloists, and will offer our traditional Wassail Bowl reception after the concert,” said Bartlett.

The chorus members are: Nancy Blackman, Sandy Arthur, Nicole Davis, Luann Cornell, Linda Fanton, Melody Fanton, Sharlet Fuller, Debbie Galley, Joyce Krupnik, Shelley Jones, Kathleen Manion, Betsy Orlando, Dot Martelle, Sue Ross, Jackie Merrick, Nicole Schink, Lynette Milliman, Thelia Swarthout, Ona Reynolds, Ellen Sweet, Dee Roeske, Beth Shook, Mary Sterling, Karen Copp, Alison Dickinson, Doris MacFarquhar, Carol Mead, Beth Wolcott, Russ Allen, Jim Arthur, Matthew Morris, Bob Shook, Al Abbott, Craig Braack, Joe Mead, Dana Ross and Albert Vossler.

The Genesee Valley Chorus always welcomes new members. If you would like to sing along with them contact any of the members.