The Penn Yan Local Planning Committee has received project proposals seeking nearly $31 million from the New York State Downtown Revitalization Initiative that will transform the village of Penn Yan

The Local Planning Committee has plenty of options when it comes to choosing projects to recommend for a slice of the $10 million earmarked for the Penn Yan Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

The committee has received more than 40 proposals for projects that include major renovations to some of downtown Penn Yan’s historic buildings and smaller projects to enhance parks and public spaces.

Thirty-two applications seek a total of nearly $31 million in state funding to apply to projects with total costs of nearly $68 million. Ten more projects that are eligible for future building funds have applied for nearly $670,000 in state grant funds for building renovations totalling over $1.74 million.

Not all of the projects will be approved for funding, and Chris Bauer of the New York State Department of State says no one project will be awarded more than half of the village’s allotment. He said the largest project grant in any DRI across the state has been for $4 million, and he doesn’t expect to see any higher than that.

The committee will spend time reviewing all the project proposals and have a draft proposal prepared for state officials review by January.

The list of proposed projects includes plans for 75 apartments, 18 single family condominiums, three new restaurants, one improved restaurant, a speakeasy, a brewery, 19 new or improved commercial spaces and improvements to parks, trails, streetscapes, signage, and public conveniences.

Specific projects include:

• Sampson Theatre: Comprehensive renovations and an addition, including an elevator for a performing arts space. The total cost if $7.46 million and the application is for $6 million.

• Knapp Hotel: Renovations for four commercial units and 10 2-bedroom apartments at a total cost of $3.5 million. The request is for $1.75 million.

• Struble Arcade: Renovations for five commercial units, eight apartments, facade and structural improvements totaling $3 million. The request is for $1.5 million.

• Liberty Lofts: New construction of a three-story mixed use building at the northwest corner of Liberty and Elm Streets. It would indlue 24 2-bedroom units, 16,000 sq. ft. of commercial space and a public arts/adventure center at a total cost of $8.73 million. The request is for $4.69 million.

• 111 Liberty: Renovations for five commercial units and eight apartments, facade and site improvements at a total cost of $2.2 million. The request is for $1.8 million

• Moorings on Keuka: Funding for earthwork and other infrastructure for the $22.4 million project. The request is for $1.5 million.

• Downtown Parks & Trails: The village is seeking $2 million for a marsh walk, public park and trail improvements within the DRI boundary.

• Downtown Parking, circulation & visitor services: The village is seeking $1.8 million for parking and streetscape improvements, public restrooms, directional signage, Maiden Lane upgrades, and wi-fi.

• Water Street Townhomes: New construction of 18 new single family condominiums on Water and Wagener Streets at a total cost of $4.4 million. The project request is $300,000.

Other projects include (total cost/funding request): parking at the NYSEG gas house ($375,000/$375,000); 104-106 Main St. renovations ($1.2 million/$700,000); 158 Main St., Laurentide Inn renovations ($556,504/$278,252); 19-23 Main St., Milly’s Pantry elevator, renovations ($487,750/ $487,750);111-117 Main St., Opera House Apartments ($2.2 million/$1.4 million); 126 Main St. three apartments ($350,000/$300,000); and 1 Basin St. restaurant, brewery, beverage sales ($400,000/$200,000); 130 Water St., Birkett Commercial Buildout, to include facilities for a specialized restaurant; 107 Main St., renovations of commercial unit, and two apartments ($282,800/$157,800); 114-116 Main St., renovations for two commercial units and three apartments ($410,236/$275,600).

Another $600,000 could be used for a building improvement and equipment funding program, while other proposals envision a canalside music and arts venue, a firehouse museum, installation of a waterfront icon at the mouth of the Keuka Outlet, improvements to existing restaurants, a dock at Top of the Lake, downtown murals, restoration of the Empire Winery Cupola, and downtown building plaques.

The committee has been charged with selecting projects that are transformative and meet the majority of the goals established from the downtown Penn Yan vision statement.

Those goals include leveraging the area’s natural and historic assets, promoting locally produced foods, beverages, products, goods, and services downtown; stimulate a vibrant year-round downtown arts and culture scene; and provide access and opportunity for all residents to be part of Downtown Penn Yan’s revitalization.

See more about the proposed projects here.