Voters in the proposed expansion of Benton water district No. 1 approved the project in a permissive referendum vote held on election day. That was good news to the residents of Torrey’s water district No. 1, the creation of which was predicated on the expansion of the Benton water main to the Torrey town line. Now Torrey has received word from their attorney Jeff Graff that the N.Y.S. Comptroller’s Office has approved the district as well.

Benton remains far ahead in their project plans. Building & Zoning and Water Officer Jayson Hoover says all property easements for the project have been obtained, the bid had been awarded to Nardozzi Co. of Geneva, and a pre-construction meeting is planned for early January.

Weather permitting, construction is expected to begin in January.

Now fully approved and possible, Torrey is beginning the process of acquiring the easements, some complicated by the need to cross under the railroad right of way along Seneca Lake. Torrey Councilman Peter Martin says Torrey’s construction plans are complete and should be ready to go out to bid soon.